Helexpo 2022 - Special Commemorative Audiovisual Spectacle

Audiovisual spectacle dedicated to the history of the “Asia Minor Catastrophe”, entitled “A Century…in Ionia, Thrace and Pontus”, honoring the “100 years anniversary” at the 86th TIF co-organized by HELEXPO and KEDE. It is based on the original music of Jánnos Eolou. The narrative is driven by the music and is organized into 5 parts. Actor: Alexandros Nikolaidis. The production came as a commission from TIF, and was an original idea of Maria Syllopoulou. The screening takes place in two rooms on 18m screens. Duration: 15 minutes at pavilion 6 of TIF.


Original Music Composed, Orchestrated, Conducted and Produced by: Jánnos Eolou

Actor: Alexandros Nikolaidis

Direction: Dimitris Mourtzopoulos – Jánnos Eolou

Editing, Post Production, Projection Set-up: N-CODE

Historian, historic archive research: Vlasis Vlassidis, Professor of Modern Balkanic History, University of Macedonia.

Executive Production: N-CODE commissioned by HELEXPO

N-CODE is a film and TV production company specialising on:

  • TV documentaries and series
  • 3D stereoscopic films
  • 3D stereoscopic 360 VR films in 8K with interactivity
  • 3D Animation
  • AR/VR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality)
  • SFX, Motion graphics
  • Original Symphonic Music for films and TV
  • Video & Audio post production
  • Mixing
  • TVC spots

combining live filming to animation.


The founding members of ICON4D / N-CODE, Dimitrios Mourtzopoulos & Jánnos Eolou have been active for more than 20 years in writing scripts, directing films, composing original music, working in all areas of film production, emphasizing in high end post-production (animation, editing, coloring, SFX, sound mixing, original music). They have created more than 17 3D stereoscopic films, more than 160 TV episodes, worked in the post production of more than 200 films and produced more than 1000 TVC films. They have also created movies for documentaries, special installations of multiple screens, domes, animation films, company profiles, etc.

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