The following are some of the most prominent works of N-CODE during the recent years:

Chara Theou” (ΧΑΡΑ ΘΕΟΥ – God’s Joy) – 48 episodes for the National TV Station 3 of Greece. Theological TV series with a twist… focusing on social issues related to the Greek Orthodox religion. You can enjoy the 4 seasons at

Ekatographia” (ΕΚΑΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ – 100graphy) – 120 episodes for the National TV Station 3 of Greece. It was a series of TV documentaries on the history of Thessaloniki during the last 100 years (1912 – 2012)

You can watch the episodes at:

“Mount Olympus – A Symbol Beyond Human Limits” – 3D stereoscopic film on Mount Olympus utilising live filming with multi-camera setups on the hills and peaks of Mount Olympus with 3D computer generated images of absolute realistic quality, commissioned by the Prefecture of Thessaly.

Skies to Eternity” – 3D stereoscopic film on the history and evolution of aviation. Sold to the RAF Museum in London, the Noesis Museum and at the War Museum in Thessaloniki, to TV stations like Canal+, Deutsche Telekom, but also TV stations in Israel, Finland, Poland, Canada as well as in the Air Canada fleet.

Into the Light” – 3D stereoscopic film on the history of Cinema. Commissioned by the Cinema Museum in Thessaloniki. It is exhibited in a permanent display for the last 8 years, watched by hundreds of visitors.